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CEPALSTAT is the gateway to all the statistical information of Latin America and the Caribbean countries collected, systematized and published by ECLAC.

The availability of timely statistical information is essential for socio-economic and environmental analysis and for various decision-making processes. ECLAC has been contributing in the dissemination of relevant data in the economic, social and environmental fields for Latin America and the Caribbean through various means. While most of the information disseminated is produced by official agencies of countries and international agencies, its systematization and documentation constitutes a contribution for users of regional data.

CEPALSTAT provides access to statistics and indicators produced by many ECLAC Divisions. The user can export data and cross-tabulate indicators to produce tables combining data from different series and / or countries and / or periods. Charts can also be prepared based on the stored data.  Metadata containing the definition of the variables, description of the sources, and other relevant characteristics can be consulted and downloaded. Additionally regional and national statistical profiles based on key indicators are available.

On the other hand, CEPALSTAT gives access to statistical publications and statistical tables included in statistical appendixes of analytical publications produced by ECLAC.

In addition, users can consult a set of documents containing recommendations and international methodological guides for the production of the statistics presented on this site. Most common international classifications systems can also be found.


The information included in CEPALSTAT normally refers to 33 Member Countries and 9 Associated States of ECLAC in Latin America and the Caribbean. Nevertheless, and with comparative and analytical purposes, is possible to find data referred to other countries of the world, members and not members of ECLAC.

Antigua and Barbuda Dominica Panama
Argentina Ecuador Paraguay
Bahamas El Salvador Peru
Barbados Grenada Dominican Republic
Belize Guatemala Saint Kitts and Nevis
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Guyana Saint Lucia
Brazil Haiti San Vincent and the Grenadines
Chile Honduras Suriname
Colombia Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago
Costa Rica Mexico Uruguay
Cuba Nicaragua Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Anguila Turcs and Caicos Islands Montserrat
Aruba British Virgin Islands Puerto Rico
Caiman Islands United States Virgin Islands  
Integrated database of statistics and indicators: Access to information

CEPALSTAT is organized in four themes or categories according to the International Statistical Activities Classification (including multi-domain themes), making its navigation easier for the user.


CEPALSTAT allows access to the available information trough a range of on line diverse processing mechanisms, with specific characteristics of each Division of ECLAC responsible for their elaboration and actualization.


Make online consultations for each indicator
Access large volumes of data (Interface for advanced users)
Generate tables and statistical charts
View your results in different formats
Access regional and national profiles
View Key indicators
Create and combine data sets using web services applications for advanced users (Open-data)
Display methodological sheets
Standards and International classifications


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